How Does IVF Work?

Apex Acupuncture & Chiropractic with Dr. Jialei Tang and Dr. Park can provide many services and help you better understand your overall health and well being. For example, we can help you understand what IVF in the Midtown & Downtown/ Financial District can provide you and how to prepare for this unique treatment.

Preparing for This Process

Women undergoing this reproductive process typically go through several screenings to ensure that they are healthy and capable of doing well with this treatment. Just a few common screenings that you might experience when you and your partner try this process include:

  • Ovarian Reserve Testing: Your doctor will determine the quantity and quality of your eggs to ensure that this process is a likely success for you.
  • Infection Disease Screening: This careful screening ensures that you don't have any infectious disease that could spread to the doctors or others.
  • Semen Analysis: Your partner or sperm donor needs to go through a semen analysis to ensure that it is healthy enough for this process.
  • Mock Transfer: A mock embryo transfer helps a doctor understand your uterine cavity depth and where it is best to implant the embryo.
  • Exam: You then go through an in-depth uterine exam to make sure that your body is properly prepared for this unique process.

After these screenings, your doctor talks to you about this emotional process and various other factors to ensure that you know the burden of IVF in the Midtown & Downtown/ Financial District. Then, they will plan your first visit to ensure you get better treatment results.

The Process Itself

When going through this process, you typically experience three basic steps. There are many tests and other processes performed during each that ensure you are healthy and minimize your health complications. But the general three steps that you're likely to experience include:

  • Egg Retrieval: The doctor will carefully remove an egg from your body or the body of the other women to ensure implantation.
  • Fertilization: The doctor can then either mix the sperm and eggs and let them incubate overnight or inject the sperm directly into the egg.
  • Implant: The doctor then implants the egg either in your body, if you're carrying the child, or the mother who is going to carry your baby.

We Can Help You

At Apex Acupuncture & Chiropractic, Dr. Jialei Tang and Dr. Park will help you better understand IVF in the Midtown & Downtown/ Financial District and do what they can to ensure this process goes smoothly. You can call Apex Health Midtown at (212) 242-3210 or Apex Health Downtown at (646) 952-0366 to get started with this process.

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